George Papadopoulos

Executive Director

  • George is Executive Director in  X-PM Consulting.
  • With a career that spans more than 30 years in banking , finance and consulting he has held numerous executive positions in the financial sector.
  • George has a proven track record in  managing  investment portfolios, distribution channels, credit cycles (retail and SME) and developing and managing new businesses.
  • He has established and managed retail banking and wealth management businesses for multinational banks in Greece and Egypt; developed and launched retail banking, credit and investment products; managed, trained and coached front – line staff of wealth management distribution networks. 
  • He has also provided consulting services for major Gulf Banks on business model design, advisory and operational processes for retail banking, wealth management and investment management.
  • He received a M.B.A .(Finance, Marketing majors) with distinction from the Schulich School of Business, York University in Toronto. He also obtained his B.A. in Commerce and Finance from the University of Toronto.


  • For the past 3 years he is engaged in the distressed  debt management business  with X-PM Consulting and has successfully restructured debts for a number of financially distressed businesses in the SME and corporate sectors and advised licensed debt servicing companies
  • Consulted on private banking, wealth management and investment management businesses in the Middle East.
  • Set up the wealth management business of Barclays Bank in Egypt.
  • Served as Deputy Head for the Retail and SME Distribution and Products  Division of Société Générale in Greece.
  • Spent 2 years as CEO and 8 years as Chief Investment Officer for the investment management business of Citigroup in Greece.
  • Established and ran the first consumer finance business with Citibank - Greece.
  • Initiated his career in the SME business of Citibank - Greece specializing in leasing transactions.