Our Offer


In present day environment the most challenging issues that businesses face is funding, credit and the relationship with Credit Institutions. 

At X-PM Consulting, through our long-standing involvement in the Banking and Business sectors, we help businesses streamline & optimize their banking relations and maximize the value of credit facilities, funding programs and capital sourcing opportunities


Managing Banking Relationships

Support Existing Credit Relationships 

• Review and analysis of existing situation

• Normalization and improvement of running relations with credit institutions

• Debt restructuring thru refinancing, loan terms & conditions redefinition to meet current business needs and abilities.

• Assist throughout the application-delivery process and intervene with creditors to smooth out the way to the outcome.

• Enhancement of creditworthiness


New Credit Facilities, Credit Planning

• Assessment of new lending needs

• Creditor offers evaluation

• Business Plan creation

• Preparation, submission and monitoring request for new facility

• End-to-end facilitation with subsidized funding programs 

Non-Performing Loans

Amicable Settlements under the Bank Code of Conduct
(Law 4224/2013 & 195/1/29.07.2016) 


• Thoroughly documented & justified viable propositions to the Creditors

• E2E intermediation with Creditors

• Tailor-made final settlement solutions


Out-of-court Settlements
(Law 4469/17)


• Debtor situation assessment, 

• Expert advice

• Managing the overall process (application, supporting documents, business plan creation, creditor negotiations)


Insolvency/Bankruptcy Code
(L. 4446/16)


• Eligibility assessment

• Manage & coordinate process

• Negotiate with creditors

• Prepare necessary financial documentation

Collateral Management & Monetization 

Sourcing of New Funds

Monitoring Trustee & Chief Restructuring Officer services

Financial & Business Consulting

Enhancing Business Viability 

• Analysis of Financial Statements 

• Company valuation

• Business viability assessment

• Identification of the strategic options

• Implementing financial restructuring


Business Plan Preparation

• Developing Suitable Business Strategy

• Working Capital and Cash flow budgeting

• Establishing Financial needs & Key financial priorities

• Identifying Appropriate Funding Solutions

• Operational & Financial (re)structuring


New Finance Facilities

• Lending & Letters of Credit

• Subsidized loan programs

• Factoring

• Investment Capital & Strategic Partnerships