-- Who we are --


X-PM Consulting specializes in Business Financing Advisory providing financial solutions through managed intermediation between Financiers and Businesses.

X-PM Consulting is a licensee of X-PM Transition Partners France, a WIL Group member.

-- Our mission --

To ensure adequate Debt & Equity Capital and enable Business viability and profitability by guiding your Strategy, Business & Operational plans.

At X-PM consulting we provide services to help businesses meet the operating challenges of today's tenuous economy and challenging financial circumstances by applying an integrated approach to the key issues in order to help our clients introduce and implement viable and sustainable financial restructuring solutions. Our offerings include: 

Capital Access & Intermediation

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Debt Management

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Business & Financial Restructuring

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-- Our Team --

Our Principals and Specialist Team are leaders in their fields of expertise with longstanding working experience in both Greek and International Financial & Corporate sectors.

Accredited Executives each with over 35 years of proven track record in “C” level positions


Highly experienced team of Relationship Managers (RMs) & Associates in the fields of Credit Risk, Banking and Corporate Management

Solution driven. Accomplished in Responsible Financing Structures and implementation by applying adequate level of Social Responsibility