Why X-PM Consulting


X-PM Consulting is driven by a strong sense of professionalism and a passion for delivering high quality services to our clients. It consists of experts capable of taking on even the most difficult challenges.

The principals and specialists at X-PM Consulting are leaders in their field. We understand the industry-specific challenges your SME business faces and we will provide you with focused, personalized attention and the high-quality service you and your business deserves. We understand the landscape. We excel at assigning the right people and the appropriate resources to fit your requirements. We provide the best team, leadership and practices to deliver your solution on time and cost efficiently.

We base our approach on modern methods and models commonly applied in this financial field in developed market economies, while adjusting them to the particularities of each market situation and each case.

We provide services with the aim of maximizing value for our clients.

Our work results in delivering benefits to the following key stakeholders:

Business clients

  • Cost-efficient negotiation with creditors
  • Strategies for cash-flow generation
  • Effective debt management and subsequent debt reduction to affordable levels
  • Professionalism in assessing business viability
  • Re-launching of business operations

Financial Institutions

  • Mutually accepted and verified Book Value (BV) repayment
  • Reinstatement of cash and income streams
  • Enhancement of cured asset probabilities


  • Productive redeployment of economic resources
  • Business relaunch and revival
  • Enhanced entrepreneurial confidence

  Our Services

Strategic consulting


Viability Assessment

  • Company evaluations (asset management, technical reviews)
  • Due Diligence

Development of Restructuring Plan

  • Business and Operational restructuring (Production Relaunch, synergies for innovation, etc.)
  • Financial restructuring - Operating cash-flows readjustment
E2E Debt Management


Business strategy & solution modeling

Financial restructuring & cash-flow creation

Asset/collateral management

Sourcing of Investor's appetite

Borrower-Creditor intermediation

  • Financial Institution Code of Conduct (L.4224/2013)
  • Out-of-court workout (L.4469/2017)
  • Banktruptcy Law (L.4446/2016)
Execution monitoring


Transition & Turnaround management

Business Plan execution

Monitoring trustee & Chief Restructuring Officer services

Re-default management

Loan Review & Due Diligence services on individual and portfolio basis:

  • Data quality & validation of critical data points
  • Assessment of file completeness, identification of missing critical information
  • Valuation of NPLs and their collateral
  • Recoverability sources and potential
  • Resolution strategies

X-PM consulting is engaged with each particular business case as a dedicated advisor, in order to deliver the best possible debt resolution strategy that will satisfy both creditors and debtors.

Our core values and ethical standards, being transmitted through our management team and network of associates, can be summarized as follows:

Banking expertise and professionalism

Business integrity

Innovative thinking

Social responsibility