Why X-PM Consulting


Because we understand your needs and know how to Maximize Value for You

  • Our Principals and Specialist Team are leaders in their fields of expertise with longstanding working experience in both Greek and International Financial & Corporate sectors (i.e. Citibank, NBG, Eurobank, Alpha Bank, Heracles Cement, Melissa- Kikizas, Union Carbide, Exxon, Ford Motor Co., KPMG, Recticel etc.).


  • We retain ongoing collaborations with Financing Groups and Organizations (i.e Banks, Private Equity Funds, Finance Companies, International Organizations and Individual Investors)


  • We have in depth knowledge of the requirements, procedures, evaluation criteria and decision-making framework of banks and other financial institutions (AEDAD, funds etc.).


  • We are driven by a strong sense of professionalism and a passion for delivering high quality services to our clients.


Because You:

Do not waste your time and valuable money in finding the right solutions 

Benefit from a tailored pricing policy connected to a positive outcome:


  • Low Management Fee: Assessment, Analysis, Preparation and Negotiation 
  • Success Fee : payable only after reaching a settlement agreement.