Michalis Chatzidakis

CRM/Senior Advisor


  • He currently works as a management consultant for a Greek metal fabrication manufacturer
  • He has worked as Senior Partner for an accounting auditing and tax consultancy
  • He headed the business centers of a leading Greek bank assuming responsibilities for P&L, business development, credit risk analysis/extension and managed large accounts
  • Prior to the above he worked as Senior Credit Officer for a  business center of a Greek systemic bank 
  • He gained valuable experience as Internal Auditor for one of the largest Greek banks conducting credit reviews and risk evaluations for the  corporate, SME, SBL and consumer credit departments



  • Michalis is currently working as a business consultant specializing in company valuations, financial viability and financial restructuring plans
  • He has 25 of years banking experience with systemic banks as head of business centers, senior credit officer, internal auditor of credit  extension departments and account officer 
  • Michalis holds a degree in economics from Athens University